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Nosferatu - Approach To Midnight

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Born by pure hellfire, one man has lasted on this Earth for countless centuries. Wars, diseases, anarchy: he has endured it all. With everlasting life flowing through his body, he had one sole purpose: to warn humanity of what would happen on the day where Hell itself would upon up and swallow the Earth whole. As we inch ever so close towards this catastrophic event, Nosferatu now shares the prophecy of this impending doom, as the herald of the apocalypse. "Through the night, he came upon this Earth. Shadows emerged from the depths of the Underworld. Demons of the blood moon rose above the surface, plundering the souls of humanity. The inevitable war is upon us. The clock is ticking. Approach to midnight." Experience a brand new Nosferatu album, as "Approach To Midnight" features 30 brand new songs with only the highest quality of Hardcore music. An onslaught of solo productions and many collaborations with the likes of Angerfist, Destructive Tendencies, Radical Redemption, Tha Playah, Sefa, Ophidian, Dj Mad Dog and more turns this package into the apex of Nosferatu's impressive career in Hardcore music. It is dark, it is unrelenting and it is indefinite testimony of the immeasurable impact this legendary artist has on this industry.

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Artist(s): Nosferatu
Title: Approach To Midnight
Cat nmr: NEODIG005
Format: CD / DVD, Download
Released: 21-12-2018

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Nosferatu - Approach To Midnight
Nosferatu - Approach To Midnight